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Regardless of whether you are running a small company that transports products through a shipping provider or a big company that has your own shipping fleet, saving the most time as well as money on your shipping arrangements typically requires the implementation of the Freight forwarding company. The freight forwarding and logistic company offer plenty of services include:

1.    Transportation

2.    Warehousing

3.    Cross-docking

4.    Specific packaging

5.    Security system

6.    Advices and plans

7.    Managerial tips and suggestions

Types of Logistic providers

There are different categories of Logistic providers in India, which have different jobs and responsibilities to increase the quality and to monitor as well as cover all areas of logistics management. There are courier companies, freight forwarders, as well as other companies that deal with transportation services in India and deliveries. The top four categories and functions of logistic provider include:

1.    A standard Logistic provider: This provider offer standard and basic tasks, for example, packing, warehousing, and distribution of merchandise.

2.    Service developer: This provider performs customers advanced value-added services include tracking and tracing, specific packing, cross-docking plus providing a unique security system.

3.    The customer adapter: The customer adapter provider monitors and takes charge of all logistic activities.

4.    The customer developer: This position is highest among other with respect to its activities and processes. People in this position will have to raise themselves and be completely capable of every single strategic administration of a particular business. Also, they need to look into every minor detail and make sure everything will be done before the deadline.

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