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Whether your company is looking to import, or export goods, Freight forwarding is one of the essential contributors to the smooth running of any domestic or international trade. So, how do you choose a Freight Forwarding Company that fits your business?

Mentioned below are the 13 key facts you should learn before selecting freight forwarding company:-

1.    Is the company a full-service freight forwarder?

2.    From how long the company has been in the industry?

3.    How large is their staff and what is their level of experience?

4.    What are the business hours?

5.    What is the company’s weekly tonnage to different cities?

6.    Is the company authorized to handle the shipping of risky materials?

7.    Does the company specialize in certain shipping/commodities methods?

8.    What are the charges for local and destination and documentation handling?

9.    Does the company charge extra for faxes and other incidentals?

10.    Does the company provide warehouse facilities?

11.    If a warehouse facility is provided by the company, then what type of security is provided at these facilities?

12.    Does company have any other branch?

13.    What are the company’s plans for future growth?

In addition, there are a plethora of other important points in several other prime areas you should consider before selecting a Freight forwarding India  such as price, transit times, invoicing, and so on. Be selective while deciding freight forwarding company!

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