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Khalitrucks.com is a licensed Customs House Agent (CHA) providing competent and complete in-house customs clearance services.

Customs management / clearance continue to remain our primary area of core competency and we are offering services for:

•    Import against duty payment under Home Consumption

•    Import into Customs Bonded Warehouse and subsequent exbond / re-export

•    Duty-free / Duty-Exempted Imports against license under various schemes such as advance license, SFIS / DFCEC, EPCG & DEPB license

•    Import under Free Trade Agreement (FTA/PTA),

e.g. with SAARC / ASEAN Countries and others

•    Import under High Seas Sale

•    Import under Transfer of Residence (TR)

•    Duty-Free supply to Embassies / Consulates, Defense & Ship Stores

Customs clearance also includes regular dealings & NOCs from VARIOUS GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES & BODIES – such as APEDA, FSSAI (PHO), Additional Drug Controller (ADC), Plant Quarantine (PQ), Textile Committee and others Import customs clearance service includes all documentation, procedure / compliances, physical examination, handling & delivery, transportation upto the importer’s final destination warehouse / factory & KhaliTrucks.com is the providing the top transportation Services.

Import Customs Clearance is a key/primary area for successful implementation of logistics / supply chain management/ Tranportation especially in India and top transportation companies are playing a vital role such as Khalitrucks.com. Any delay, query or lack of timely corrective action can dramatically affect your timeline resulting in not only the costs shooting up for detention and demurrage but also affecting the stock inventory planning, production and sales forecasts.

FEC believes that successful implementation of import customs clearance & logistics is a joint team effort with each other and integration of various streams together. A vital component being the level of transparency for documentation, procedures and costs shared by FEC with the importer. FEC offers you the much needed personalized service.

We serve to a wide range of clientele and varied cargo / commodity such as engineering goods, machinery, automobile spare parts & accessories, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, x-ray film, dental/medical equipment, paper & allied paper products, foods & beverages, bottled wines & spirits, liquor, plastic & plastic moulded products, etc.