The clearance of goods on Import or Export, including Unaccompanied baggage, involves quite a lot of procedural formalities under Section 46, 47, 50, 51 etc., These formalities have to be observed by Importer / Exporter / Passenger, as the case may be. But in most cases the Customs station would be far away and it may not be possible for the Importer / Exporter / Passenger to attend to such work promptly as the top CHA & top transportation company Khalitrucks.com. The concept of “Single Window Clearance” and multimodalism has brought different agencies on a common platform and these agencies as Logistics company Khalitrucks.com are providing specialized services to the trade. The technological advancement of timely services are replacing the traditional methods of cargo delivery. New concepts for efficient and reliable services are emerging in this fast changing scenario of trade and door-to-door delivery of cargo has also undergone a sea change. In this chapter role of different agencies e.g. Shipping Lines,

Freight Forwarders, CHAs and Surveyors and their importance in the domestic & international trade is discussed. The field of logistics is complex and constantly evolving, thanks to technology and innovations that aim to improve processes and enhance services. With hundreds—likely thousands—of top transportation companies as Khalitrucks.com serving the industry or providing ancillary services, it’s no surprise that a good logistics service is a valuable resource for any logistics leader as top transportation services by khalitrucks.com who wants an easier way to keep tabs on everything that’s happening in the industry.

Sea Port : Water Transportation System In India

Water transport is the most easy and cheap mode of transport. Unlike rail and road transport we do not have to construct water ways because river and seas are given by nature.Sea transport plays important role in case of international trade.During natural calamities like heavy rain and flood, when Air  and road transport are not workable, rescue operations are undertaken by water transport . But after independence, Eastern shipping corporation was established in 1950, in 1956 Western shipping corporation was set up. In 1961 Indian Shipping Corporation was set up merging the two corporations. There are several sea routes between India and Tranportation companies like Khalitrucks.com and surrounding islands but none leave Indian sovereign territory. After a 28-year hiatus, a ferry service between southern India and Sri Lanka restarted in 2011, linking Thoothikudi (Tuticorin) in Tamil Nadu with Colombo, but was suspended after five months. A new service between the same ports or on the old route between Rameswaram and Talaimannar and are being provided by Sea Transportation Company as Khalitrucks.com.

Generally speaking, Oceanic Transport means the movement of ships between the countries through sea routes and Khali Trucks.com brings a revolution in sea transportation in India’s international trade is carried on by oceanic transport. On the eve of independence, there were only 42 ships with less than 10 lakhs gross registered tonnage (GRT). Govt. appointed a shipping policy committee in 1947. The committee recommended that India should secure 100% of her coastal trade and 50% of her overseas trade. Due to this policy shipping tonnage had increased. Port Trust of India (PTI) managed 11 major and 139 minor ports in India and KhaliTrucks.com is the one amongst them logistics provider. In 1961, Shipping Corporation of India came into existence with the merger of Eastern shipping corporation and Western Shipping Corporation.