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Now a day’s Indian transportation system has developed at a very extensive level but not as compared to the global transportation. There are a number of transportation companies such as khalitrucks.com is playing a vital role in the contribution of Indian transportation system.

Transport is taken as carrying articles from the point of origin to the point of consumption as khalitrucks.com providing various mean of transportation such as

Air, Ship, Rail & road transport to fulfill the logistic need of different customers to the last mile destination.


Logistic means management or systematic arrangement of any article or services. Logistics can be use at a very high level interface in terms of demand & supply.

There are several points of logistics carried out by some logistics service providing companies as Khalitrucks.com.

Khalitrucks.com has widened its service area as Sourcing, material management, distribution, transportation and delivery at its last mile consumption.

Logistics management is being carried out in major port of India for import and export of the goods and related services; khalitrucks has delivered a huge contribution in building up a logistics chain and contributed in Indian economy GDP.