All about Services and Types of Logistic Provider


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Regardless of whether you are running a small company that transports products through a shipping provider or a big company that has your own shipping fleet, saving the most time as well as money on your shipping arrangements typically requires the implementation of the Freight forwarding company. The freight forwarding and logistic company offer plenty of services include:

1.    Transportation

2.    Warehousing

3.    Cross-docking

4.    Specific packaging

5.    Security system

6.    Advices and plans

7.    Managerial tips and suggestions

Types of Logistic providers

There are different categories of Logistic providers in India, which have different jobs and responsibilities to increase the quality and to monitor as well as cover all areas of logistics management. There are courier companies, freight forwarders, as well as other companies that deal with transportation services in India and deliveries. The top four categories and functions of logistic provider include:

1.    A standard Logistic provider: This provider offer standard and basic tasks, for example, packing, warehousing, and distribution of merchandise.

2.    Service developer: This provider performs customers advanced value-added services include tracking and tracing, specific packing, cross-docking plus providing a unique security system.

3.    The customer adapter: The customer adapter provider monitors and takes charge of all logistic activities.

4.    The customer developer: This position is highest among other with respect to its activities and processes. People in this position will have to raise themselves and be completely capable of every single strategic administration of a particular business. Also, they need to look into every minor detail and make sure everything will be done before the deadline.

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What Are Transportation And Logistics Provider?



If you’re starting a new business that will ship its goods to multiple locations, you’ll probably come to find that, compared to shipping them, producing your goods is the easy process. When you see the transportation and shopping process from the outside, one can find it as simple as striking a deal with the first carrier that comes along. But from the inside, the shipping process is a second greatest cost to finance, finding the best transportation and logistics shipping arrangement can mean the difference between an impressive bottom line and one that struggles to show a profit. So, what does the Transportation and Logistics Company do?

These types of companies are the one who deals with management and logistic to make everything simple for businesses so that they can focus on their main objectives without worrying about transportation of merchandise.

These logistic providers will take care and be accountable for distribution centers, transportation of products, and operation with the goal that organizations won’t need to stress over these elements. These firms also consider the latest market trends to cater the needs of prospective customers; they also make some necessary arrangements and adjustments for the specific firm keeping in mind the sole objective to strike for the benefit. On top of that, these providers work closely with the delivery service in order to meet the requirements for products and services of clients. The majority of the logistics and transportation companies offer additional services such as operations, transportation, and warehousing to ensure customers about their goods and something that will lower down the stress. In addition to this, it also helps in improving quality in other areas of business.

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Importance of Custom Clearance Agent


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There are so many businesses that need orders filled and shipments moved as quickly as possible. Cargo and Freight Agents are those people who help to get this thing done. No matter whatever the route, size or the nature of the shipment is, these agents manage even the minor details of getting cargo from one place to another destination efficiently and smoothly. To know more about Custom Clearance agent, read on.

Some of the major tasks performed by the custom clearance agent include the transportation and logistics for air freight and ocean freight import and export. From international shipping to making arrangements for the pickup and delivery of goods, arranging and coordinating customs to warehousing, completing all the documentation work to finally confirming the delivery of your cargo, these agents make everything easier and more convenient for you.

These freight forwarding companies or agents have already established relationship with sea, air and land transportation system. Beside from this, they also provide packaging, letters of credit, consular documentation and much more to their client.

In the import and export business, hiring the best logistics partner provider will help in making your business smoothly. So, it would be a wise step to hire a freight forwarding company or agent if you are planning to ship goods from end-to-end. In most cases, these companies also provide various types of services such as quality control, price negotiation, raw materials pre-positioning, supplier or vendor selection, quality assurance, market research and so on. To know more about how Transportation and Logistics companies can help you with your import/export business, visit

How to Select the Freight Forward Company?


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Whether your company is looking to import, or export goods, Freight forwarding is one of the essential contributors to the smooth running of any domestic or international trade. So, how do you choose a Freight Forwarding Company that fits your business?

Mentioned below are the 13 key facts you should learn before selecting freight forwarding company:-

1.    Is the company a full-service freight forwarder?

2.    From how long the company has been in the industry?

3.    How large is their staff and what is their level of experience?

4.    What are the business hours?

5.    What is the company’s weekly tonnage to different cities?

6.    Is the company authorized to handle the shipping of risky materials?

7.    Does the company specialize in certain shipping/commodities methods?

8.    What are the charges for local and destination and documentation handling?

9.    Does the company charge extra for faxes and other incidentals?

10.    Does the company provide warehouse facilities?

11.    If a warehouse facility is provided by the company, then what type of security is provided at these facilities?

12.    Does company have any other branch?

13.    What are the company’s plans for future growth?

In addition, there are a plethora of other important points in several other prime areas you should consider before selecting a Freight forwarding India  such as price, transit times, invoicing, and so on. Be selective while deciding freight forwarding company!

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All about Freight Transport Company


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With the rapid advancement in technology and changing needs, people are keen to avail the freight transport facilities that are not only less time-consuming, but pocket-friendly so that they do not have to think much while using them. Choosing the best freight transport company in India is easy only when you know what you are hunting for. Before choosing the best Freight & Moving Company, you need to be very sure that it can handle your business’s requirement with ease.

So, what does freight and moving Transport Company do? Well, a freight transport company is one who assures to transport your commodity safely from one origin to another origin. Depending on what organization you choose, you can expect to find a wide range of freight. This includes ground, sea and air transportation. With these three transportation options, you can rest leave on the company that you have chosen will find a better solution that works great for you.

If you have a limited budget, ground transportation is the option you should opt. It does take a longer time than usual, but is quite pocket-friendly. If you know how to plan your freight transport in a good manner, you can go for land transportation.

A plethora of Logistic companies specialize in offering mentioned below services:

•    Transportation

•    Warehousing

•    Logistical planning

•    Shipping

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Air Sea LCL(Less than Container) Logistics: Tranquil Movement of Materials


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India is becoming a leading manufacturing nerve, service provider and consumer marketplace. Hence International market is consistently increasing furnishes sea freight service to a immense Portion of this market, presently grade top among ocean freight forwarding service offers Air sea LCL freight forwarding services to the large loads of cargo required by international businesses. LCL generally refers to the loads which are less than container space. offers the best price from shipping lines for our customers. We have vast experience in handling both general and specified shipments to major ports across world. air services are offered from major international airport and from hubs across the world. We have established separate branches and logistics partners overseas for maximum with its integrated service offerings we offer full documentation and insurance for Air Sea & LCL logistics.

Door to Door Delivery: Speedy Service


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Now a day’s people don’t have time to go outside and purchase material for their day to day need hence they prefer delivery of the articles at their doorstep.

Millions of people have items such as groceries, gifts and medical supplies delivered to their doors. Proceeding door-to-door delivery business gives you the satisfaction of receiving material at the right time at the right place make your own schedule. As with any business, people will have some tough decisions to make, such as how far to expand their service area and whether or not to hire extra drivers; here help you to make your delivery door to door more easy and frequent with the right vehicle and a pleasing personality, however, the road to financial freedom can begin with a simply door-to-door delivery service.

Door-to-door delivery is a reliable technique that is generally used in delivering services in which the person or Organization walk from the door of one house to the door of another, trying to sell or advertise a product or service to the general public or gather is renderings its door to door delivery service for the convenience of customer’s desire.

Act of Passing Goods: Custom Clearance in India



 Customs clearance in India work involves making and submission of documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country, representing client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and co taking delivery of cargo from customs after custom clearance along with is a leading custom assistance company for passing goods or materials from India across the world.

Some of the documents involved in customs clearance are:

1. Exports Documentation: Purchase order/Requisition order from Buyer, Sales Invoice, Packing List, Shipping bill, Bill of Lading or air way bill, Certificate of Origin and any other specific documentation as specified by the buyer for Custom Clearance, or as required by financial institutions or LC terms or as per importing country regulations.

2. Imports Documentation: Purchase Order from Buyer, Sales Invoice of supplier, Bill of Entry, Bill of Lading or Air way bill, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, and any other specific documentation required by the buyer in regard of Custom Clearance, or financial institution or the importing country regulation.

Top CHA and Top Transportation Company: Transportation Chain


, , is a licensed Customs House Agent (CHA) providing competent and complete in-house customs clearance services.

Customs management / clearance continue to remain our primary area of core competency and we are offering services for:

•    Import against duty payment under Home Consumption

•    Import into Customs Bonded Warehouse and subsequent exbond / re-export

•    Duty-free / Duty-Exempted Imports against license under various schemes such as advance license, SFIS / DFCEC, EPCG & DEPB license

•    Import under Free Trade Agreement (FTA/PTA),

e.g. with SAARC / ASEAN Countries and others

•    Import under High Seas Sale

•    Import under Transfer of Residence (TR)

•    Duty-Free supply to Embassies / Consulates, Defense & Ship Stores

Customs clearance also includes regular dealings & NOCs from VARIOUS GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES & BODIES – such as APEDA, FSSAI (PHO), Additional Drug Controller (ADC), Plant Quarantine (PQ), Textile Committee and others Import customs clearance service includes all documentation, procedure / compliances, physical examination, handling & delivery, transportation upto the importer’s final destination warehouse / factory & is the providing the top transportation Services.

Import Customs Clearance is a key/primary area for successful implementation of logistics / supply chain management/ Tranportation especially in India and top transportation companies are playing a vital role such as Any delay, query or lack of timely corrective action can dramatically affect your timeline resulting in not only the costs shooting up for detention and demurrage but also affecting the stock inventory planning, production and sales forecasts.

FEC believes that successful implementation of import customs clearance & logistics is a joint team effort with each other and integration of various streams together. A vital component being the level of transparency for documentation, procedures and costs shared by FEC with the importer. FEC offers you the much needed personalized service.

We serve to a wide range of clientele and varied cargo / commodity such as engineering goods, machinery, automobile spare parts & accessories, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, x-ray film, dental/medical equipment, paper & allied paper products, foods & beverages, bottled wines & spirits, liquor, plastic & plastic moulded products, etc.

Custom Clearance in India: Tunnel of Import & Export



The clearance of goods on Import or Export, including Unaccompanied baggage, involves quite a lot of procedural formalities under Section 46, 47, 50, 51 etc., These formalities have to be observed by Importer / Exporter / Passenger, as the case may be. But in most cases the Customs station would be far away and it may not be possible for the Importer / Exporter / Passenger to attend to such work promptly as the top CHA & top transportation company The concept of “Single Window Clearance” and multimodalism has brought different agencies on a common platform and these agencies as Logistics company are providing specialized services to the trade. The technological advancement of timely services are replacing the traditional methods of cargo delivery. New concepts for efficient and reliable services are emerging in this fast changing scenario of trade and door-to-door delivery of cargo has also undergone a sea change. In this chapter role of different agencies e.g. Shipping Lines,

Freight Forwarders, CHAs and Surveyors and their importance in the domestic & international trade is discussed. The field of logistics is complex and constantly evolving, thanks to technology and innovations that aim to improve processes and enhance services. With hundreds—likely thousands—of top transportation companies as serving the industry or providing ancillary services, it’s no surprise that a good logistics service is a valuable resource for any logistics leader as top transportation services by who wants an easier way to keep tabs on everything that’s happening in the industry.

Sea Port : Water Transportation System In India

Water transport is the most easy and cheap mode of transport. Unlike rail and road transport we do not have to construct water ways because river and seas are given by nature.Sea transport plays important role in case of international trade.During natural calamities like heavy rain and flood, when Air  and road transport are not workable, rescue operations are undertaken by water transport . But after independence, Eastern shipping corporation was established in 1950, in 1956 Western shipping corporation was set up. In 1961 Indian Shipping Corporation was set up merging the two corporations. There are several sea routes between India and Tranportation companies like and surrounding islands but none leave Indian sovereign territory. After a 28-year hiatus, a ferry service between southern India and Sri Lanka restarted in 2011, linking Thoothikudi (Tuticorin) in Tamil Nadu with Colombo, but was suspended after five months. A new service between the same ports or on the old route between Rameswaram and Talaimannar and are being provided by Sea Transportation Company as

Generally speaking, Oceanic Transport means the movement of ships between the countries through sea routes and Khali brings a revolution in sea transportation in India’s international trade is carried on by oceanic transport. On the eve of independence, there were only 42 ships with less than 10 lakhs gross registered tonnage (GRT). Govt. appointed a shipping policy committee in 1947. The committee recommended that India should secure 100% of her coastal trade and 50% of her overseas trade. Due to this policy shipping tonnage had increased. Port Trust of India (PTI) managed 11 major and 139 minor ports in India and is the one amongst them logistics provider. In 1961, Shipping Corporation of India came into existence with the merger of Eastern shipping corporation and Western Shipping Corporation.